Cable Release

Pressing the Button shakes the camera

Camera shake occurs whenever you press the camera shutter button, that downward movement causes an, ever so slight, movement on the camera body. When shutter speeds are high, this isn’t so much of a problem. But when taking shots in low light or with long telephoto lenses, then we have to take more care. The first thing we do is add a good tripod. This creates a stable platform for the camera and prevents camera shake. But the shake, which is more like a slight wobble, is still there, as you go to press the shutter release button.

Camera “stablization ” hardware and software improves all the time. In the latest smart phones and cameras. that images are very acceptable as small images for websites or for social media. But when you want the best image with pin sharp images then we need to physically isolate the camera from mechanical vibration. This is when you should consider the use of a cable release to remove all camera shake.

Mechanical cable release for SLR
Mechanical cable release for SLR

Cable release devices come as either physical cables, attached to the camera body, or remotes. Some of the newer smart phones and can operate the cameras shutter mechanism. In fact they along with tablets can control the whole camera’s settings remotely.


The traditional cable release consists of a stiff, flexible wire, running through a sleeve. This is then attached (nornamly screwed) into the camera body at one end and a press button at the other.

Pressing the button activates the shutter release button on the camera. The flexible nature of the cable dramatically dampens any vibration to the camera and so the image taken is shake free.

button cable release for SLR
button cable release for SL


remote release for SLR
remote release for SLR

These devices use either radio or infra-red to connect a remote to a device attached to the camera. This gives a lot of flexibility, for example you don’t to be close to the camera, you can operate form 60ft away. In addition the remote will have other functionality included, such auto focusing, etc.

Remotes allow you the ability to not be tied to the camera and to be able to set elements in the frame reoganize models and then shoot. Which makes for a faster ,spontaneous method of photography.


As mentioned above, both cell phones and tablets can now be loaded with apps that control all the camera functions remotely. These apps are normally specific to a particular camera manufacturer. But the tend to be easy to use with the added benefit that the camera’s image is immediately displayed on the phone/tablet screen.

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