A big small world

Macro Photography

Macro close up of an eyeMacro photography involves photographing small subjects. And to photograph small objects you will almost certainly need a macro lens for your camera. This enables you to get in close and fill the whole frame with the object you’re trying to capture.

“A big small world” may sound a bit strange, but what we mean by that is that shooting with a macro lens, makes really small objects huge. The the subject of the photograph may be small, but the variety of subjects is enormous. It will blow you away that there are so many little things to capture and transform into really large images. The only limiting factor, as they say, is your imagination.

Traditional macro subjects are flowers and insects, but as we said previously, there’s so many subjects. bubbles, water droplets, magnified a hundred fold, fizzing cola drinks.

Macro Photograph is amazing

As you might expect, macro lens come in different qualities and that affects the price. But there alternatives Bellows; ,ring bellows ring reversal (inversion ring), close-up lens and the coupling ring ware some of these. These are much cheaper than dedicated lenses at the sacrifice of quality, Which you choose depends both on your budget (obviously) but also the type and frequency of the projects you have in mind.

macro shot of a water dropletMacro photography also has its challenges. Depth of field is short so you have to find your way with the focus, the rings steals 2-3 f-stops light and focusing distance can in many cases be so short that it  becomes a problem. So it’s imperative that you use a tripod and a cable release or some other automatic shutter release mechanism.

But that said, the tools are many and great reward when you succeed in your macro shots.

This youtube video goes into more details for macro photography